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Vaginal Tightening Surgery

Who can have vaginal tightening surgery?

Vaginal tightening surgery is mostly performed in women who experienced the relaxation of the vaginal muscles due to giving normal birth, the inadequate grip of the vagina during sexual intercourse and the negative effect of sexual intercourse due to the sound coming from the vagina. This situation becomes more pronounced as the number of births increases. This situation may lead to incontinence, sagging of the bladder and large intestine, the coexistence of both, and even prolapse of the uterus in advanced ages.
If a woman's vagina can easily grasp the 2 fingers she placed in her vagina and does not tighten, it can be said that this is due to the widening of the vagina. Performing vaginal surgery may be the solution to this problem.

What are the conditions that cause vaginal relaxation?

  • Some women have a large vagina structurally.
  • Multiple normal births
  • Birth tears
  • Difficult deliveries with intervention
  • Germination or opening of birth stitches
  • Having a large baby
  • Loss of tissue elasticity with advancing age
  • Op.Dr. Zeynep Taşargöl
    Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist

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