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Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation is the method we prefer to use if the woman does not produce egg or cannot get pregnant with her own egg, and the male's sperm is not in the desired ...

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Patient Comments

I have been married for 10 years. We have tried IVF treatment for 5 times. They suggested Mrs. Zeynep in Cyprus. She is very concerned and cheerful. I got pregnant in the first treatment, and my marriage was saved. God bless her.

Haminde Börü  

Doctors said your eggs are week, you won’t children. My neighbor suggested Dr. Zeynep, who treated her brother. We went to Cyprusin no time. As a result of IVF treatment, I am now 3 months pregnant. I am very grateful to my doctor.

Bilge Yücel  

My spouse has Azoospermia. We tried IVF many times, it never worked. We tried it in Cyprus as a last resort. Thanks to our doctor Mrs. Zeynep, I have tasted what is to be a mother, I strongly recommend.

Filiz Sarı  

Doctors said that i cannot conceive because I am too overweight, and they constantly demoralized me. My doctor gave me hope. First she guided me to lost weight and then treated me to get pregnant. My son is now 3 months. It cannot be described but only experienced.

Eda Bakır  

I was diagnosed with early menopause. I am 25 years old. My only remedy was Cyprus. I had the chance to reach Mrs. Zeynep on the internet. Our treatment is successful, thank god. Thank you very much.

Tuğçe Dağlı  

I met Mrs. Zeynep during my second pregnancy on a friend's recommendation. I wish I had met her way before. She is a very concerned doctor. She never left me alone in any of my complaints during my pregnancy. Thanks to her, I got to hold my baby in my arms with good health. May everything be to your heart's desire, my dear doctor.

Nazlı Kabaca  

Doctors told me that I could never have children because my eggs stopped working at an early age. A doctor recommended that I can conceive in Cyprus using the method called egg donation and that I need to find Mrs. Zeynep. Thereupon, we went to Cyprus. As soon as I saw Mrs. Zeynep, she gained my trust. I got pregnant at the first attempt with her treatment. Thanks a million.

Ebru Yılmaz  

I went to see Mrs. Zeynep because of my fibroids and excessive bleeding. Coincidentally, I had the opportunity to meet a few of her patients. Everyone had the same opinion about her. She is a very concerned and successful doctor. She is the one who performed my uterine retrieval surgery. Thanks to this, I got through this process without any problems. God bless her, I will always pray for her.

Nahide Görgün  

After three normal births, I had uterine prolapse and sexual problems with my spouse as I got older. I found Mrs. Zeynep after many research. She operated a very successful surgery. Thanks to her, my marriage was saved. Thank you very much, my doctor.