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G Spot Enhancement and Orgazm Vaccine

The tissue called the clitoris is known as one of the most sensitive parts of women during sexual intercourse. Therefore, it has been determined that the strongest and most severe orgasm to be experienced in women occurs with the stimulation of the clitoris. The sexually sensitive areas in the female body are breasts, nipples, inner lips in the vagina and the vagina. The point described as the G spot is the most sensitive and responsive area in the vagina. The G spot, which is one of the lesser known sexual secrets of the female body, is regarded as one of the most important discoveries made in terms of female body and sexuality in the last century. The G-spot, named by the famous German gynecologist Dr. Ernest Grafenberg, is essentially a region within the vagina rather than a point, but is considered a G-spot. The opinion that this point in the vagina is one of the most suitable and most sensitive areas in terms of orgasm pleasure experienced by the woman, has started to gain weight especially in recent years. Dr. Grafenberg discovered that during sexual intercourse, the tissue here swelled with the stimulation of this point, thus increasing the pleasure of women during sexual intercourse and published this discovery in the International Journal of Sexology in 1950. Indeed, many women enjoy a higher degree of pleasure from this point than other parts of the vagina. Since it was discovered by Dr. Grafenberg for the first time, this point was named G, the initial letter of its name.

The G point is located approximately 3-4 cm inside the woman's vagina, and it is a point that can be noticed even by hand, gives a spongy feeling when touched, and can be felt in a harder structure than other areas in the vagina. However, the position of the G spot in the vagina is still a matter of debate today. The reason for this is that the location of the G spot varies slightly from woman to woman. It shows differences. This anatomical region is present in most of the vaginas of women, and when this area is massaged continuously for a few minutes, a very intense and high degree of orgasm pleasure occurs. It is stated by women that this orgasm is much different and more intense than clitoral orgasm. The neural connections of both types of orgasm with the brain are different. In order to stimulate this region, which is called the G spot, the woman must first be sexually aroused and willing to have sexual intercourse. Otherwise, there may not be an increase in the sensitivity of this region regarding stimulation. Stimulation of the G point before sexual intercourse activates the hormonal metabolism, triggering an intense sexual drive in the brain, the heart rate increases, body temperature increases and respiration accelerates. Therefore, behind a good and quality orgasm lies the stimulation of the G-spot as well as the understanding, patience and harmony of the couple. During sexual intercourse, a protein called PDE-5 is secreted from the G spot, which is a region of a few centimeters in size. For this reason, women with high PDE-5 protein secretion and large skene glands have easier orgasm during sexual intercourse.


What is the G spot enhancement process known as the orgasm vaccine, how does it work?

During sexual intercourse, the penis stimulates the G point less due to the position, and if the ceiling of the vagina thickens over time with the effect of the estrogen hormone, this causes the G-spot to be erased over time, thus reducing its stimulation. This may even cause the G spot to disappear over time. In such cases, it is aimed to make the G spot fuller, more puffy and protruding in the vagina again so that the friction of this point with the penis during sexual intercourse will be strengthened and its stimulation will be easier; thus the pleasure from sexual intercourse will increase. The application of G spot enhancement has been introduced and known as an orgasm vaccine in our country and in the media.

G shot, also known as the G-spot enhancement process, which was first applied in the United States and then spread rapidly and applied in many parts of the world and in our country, is a viable procedure for all women who do not get enough pleasure from sexual intercourse or who want to enjoy it normally and have more pleasure. The application of G spot augmentation is performed under local anesthesia using dermal injection technique to the area of the G spot. This process, also known as the orgasm vaccine, takes about 10 minutes and there is no need for the person to stay in the hospital after the application. Immediately after the application of G spot enhancement, the person can return to their work and social life and no symptoms are seen after the procedure. It is even possible for the person to have sexual intercourse in the evening of the same day the application was performed. The duration of the G spot enhancement (orgasm vaccine) lasts approximately between 6 and 12 months. Again, in a study conducted in the USA, it was found that 85% of women who had G-spot enhancement were satisfied with this application.

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