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Hymen Repearing

Hymen Repearing

It is the process of stitching the torn hymen again. It is not a mandatory procedure in terms of body health or beauty. However, the hymen repair operation is needed from time to time in terms of social aspects.

What is the hymen?
It is a thin piece of flesh at the entrance to the vagina. The hymen, which is originated a Latin word, is seen as a symbol of virginity in most cultures.

Where exactly is the hymen? What does it do?
The hymen is a semi-flexible, thin structure that is located at the entrance of the vagina, most often with a small hole in the middle for the flow of menstrual blood and vaginal secretions. In anatomical and physiological terms, the hymen has no known function. Although it is thought to have a protective function against genital tract infections, it is a matter of debate how a structure with a hole in the middle will protect against infections. In fact, the reason why infections occur less frequently in virgin ones is that these girls have not been exposed to sexually transmitted diseases.

Can hymen show structural differences?
The hymen are classified in large numbers according to their shape, elasticity and the characteristics of their holes. Annular (ring-shaped) hymen is the most common. In some cases, the hole in the middle of the membrane is so large that on examination the membrane is almost absent. In very rare cases, there is no hole in the membrane (imperforate hymen). In this case, menstrual bleeding cannot flow out from the first menstruation and accumulates in the genital canal. Semilunare (in the form of a crescent moon) is generally not torn during intercourse since its outer-to-inner thickness is not too much. However, it can be ruptured at birth. Surgical intervention may be required because the carnous (fleshy, thick) hymen is very difficult to tear with intercourse or because the rate of bleeding after rupture is high. The hymen can survive in the form of postpartum residues.

Is it possible to sew the hymen?
It is possible to repair the hymen. As long as the hymen does not disappear, the membrane can be repaired whenever it ruptures. If the person has had a lot of sexual intercourse and has had many births, it will not be possible to find the remains of the hymen and therefore repair cannot be done.

Is it understood by the partner that the hymen is sewn?
It is not understood by the other party that the hymen is sewn. However, specialist doctors can understand this.

How is hymen repair done? How long will it take?
The patient may want to undergo surgery under general anesthesia, as it is a psychologically heavy procedure. But it is a 30-minute procedure that can also be performed under local anesthesia.


When can one return to daily life? What is the follow up procedure after the surgery?
After the procedure, the patient can continue her normal life after a little rest. It is appropriate to use pads for only 2 days. You can take a shower on the same day. It is sufficient not to touch the operation area and pay attention to toilet cleaning.

Can a hymen repaired once, be re-stitched if necessary?
If the hymen pieces remain in place, they can be repaired again.

  • Op.Dr. Zeynep Taşargöl
    Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist

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